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Al Noor Tower Design


The design of Al Noor Tower is elegant and gives the feeling of a weeding dress.

From the side the tower look like a fountain pen which is the tool that Sheikh Tarek is using to design the future.
The hight of the tower is 540 m to remaind us that Africa has 54 countries. Everyone in Africa will feel part of that tower.

Concept Amedee Santalo   -   Ref image : Valode & Pistre 


Concept Amedee Santalo   -   Ref image : Valode & Pistre 

The design of the tower represent an eye from the top view to symbolise the vision of Sheikh Tarek Binladen. 

The facade design represent the 1'000 language of Africa in a pixalte way. 

Ref images :  Architecte:  Valode & Pistre - Communication:  Iceberg - Paris

Ref image :  Architecte:  Valode & Pistre - Communication:  Iceberg - Paris

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