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Regarding Al Noor Tower Morocco

Update from H.E. Sheikh Tarek M. Binladen.

Sheikh Tarek opened his African development office in Morocco, which he considers his second home.
He has great admiration and respect for this country, not only for what they have already accomplished in terms of development but also for the skills and performance of Moroccans who will be of great asset and support in developing and managing his projects in Africa.

We understood that the Al Noor Tower could not find its place in this beautiful Kingdom, that a tower of this size was not the appropriate project for Morocco for the moment.

This being, in no case the end of the Moroccan adventure, on the contrary, we are working on large scale projects that better meet the current needs of Morocco, Kingdom that we consider an exemplary country for the rest of Africa.

Morocco shows its ability to innovate in the most valuable sectors. It is an honor for our company to bring our contribution in development.

Casablanca May, 21th 2018



Al Noor Tower to be placed in West Africa​

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